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A One-Year, Private Mastermind Group That Will Help You Grow Your Organization, Expand Your Leadership, and Deepen Your Impact.

Build Connections

Move Big Ideas Forward

Connect with High Impact Leaders

Gain Support

Just Because You Can Do It Alone Doesn't Mean You Should

One Twelve Strategies Masterminds bring together like-minded leaders to build and manage their organizations while maintaining a passion for the work that led them to their organizations in the first place. We provide leaders with peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities, collaboration, accountability, and a forum to brainstorm ideas to support each member's challenges and opportunities.

Monthly content themes focus on issues leaders face daily and enable dynamic and constructive conversations where members contribute, learn, and walk away energized and ready to implement new ideas. 

Leadership Accelerated, Impact Deepened, Next Level Unlocked

For years, I led nonprofit organizations and initiatives through various stages of growth. Through a consulting practice, I engage privately with leaders to help them improve their leadership and organizations or simply wrap their minds around complex strategic challenges. Seeing leaders gain confidence in navigating the many challenges they face is inspiring, and I want to bring more people together who are changing the world to be inspired by each other, learn from each other, and deepen our individual and collective impact. 

Leadership Accelerator brings high-impact leaders together in a program designed to support them as they achieve transformative results leading their organizations to a more profound and meaningful impact. One Twelve Strategies combines one-on-one coaching, small group consultancies, and group workshops with proven leading coaching and business techniques to create effective, lasting change. Facilitated through small-group coaching of no more than ten peers, this program leverages the benefits of peer accountability and collaboration to overcome the most difficult obstacles facing organizational leaders. Let's harness the power of group coaching and help you achieve more for those you serve. 


Participating in a Mastermind means you grow your organization faster and stronger. When we work together, we will clarify your messaging, optimize your operations and communications, help you deepen your impact, align your goals, and shore up gaps in your revenue. Want to sleep better at night while doing more good? Schedule a call today to learn more. 

"Adam's ability to turn big, thorny strategic questions into accessible, creative, sequential actions is second to none. He understands that ideas and vision need to follow through to be effective, which is hard-earned knowledge over time. I find every conversation with Adam leads to new ways of approaching my work which inspires a lot of confidence."

Laurissa Shutt
Executive Director, First State Educate (Delaware)



"During your year with Leadership Accelerator, we will help you identify barriers to growth, develop broadly applicable knowledge, craft focused strategies, and help learn how to best leverage your success for even greater impact. 

Leadership Accelerator is for those who already understand their North Star and have the internal drive to make something happen but feel stuck in their leadership, overwhelmed by the work, or alone in their decision-making. If this feels like you, book a call to learn more today. I hope to see you soon. 

-Adam Lister

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