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Clarify Your Message and Deepen Your Impact

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Don't Let Confused and Scattered Messages Hold You Back

If these are familiar, your impact is diminished. 

My team isn't on the same page. 

My team lacks a unified language.

We are having trouble getting team buy in.

We have good ideas but can't get organized.

We can't articulate our value proposition.

We don't collaborate well.

We are in a time of transition.

Our marketing or messaging seems muddy.

We have drifted from our mission.


These issues are the symptoms of undisciplined and messy messaging. 

It's Time to Clarify Your Message and Make a Plan

Growing your organization or small business with a coach means you grow faster and stronger. When we work together, we will clarify your messaging, optimize your operations and communications, help you deepen your impact, align your goals, and shore up gaps in your revenue. Want to sleep better at night while doing more good? Schedule an intake session today.

Our hybrid consultative-coaching approach not only helps you achieve specific goals, but we help you better align your strategy and approach to succeed no matter what the future throws at you!


"Adam's ability to turn big, thorny strategic questions into accessible, creative, sequential actions is second to none. He understands that ideas and vision need follow through to be effective, which is hard-earned knowledge over time. I find every conversation with Adam leads to new ways of approaching my work which inspires a lot of confidence."



Laurissa Shutt

Executive Director, First State Educate (Delaware)


Presented by Adam Lister,
Founder & CEO at One Twelve Strategies

I provide organizational leadership to nonprofits, executive boards, political organizations, and mission-driven companies. By removing impediments, increasing revenues and donations, and improving infrastructure, I leverage our collective power to do good. 

Working With a Coach Is Easy

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