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Founder & Principal


Adam is the founder and principal of One Twelve Strategies, where he dedicates his efforts to understanding how clients hope to achieve meaningful impact in their communities. He then tailors his work to assist them in leveraging their potential, building thoughtful and strategic approaches to their most complex challenges, and helping them drive meaningful and transformational change.  


Adam is ruthlessly focused on outcomes and has supported scores of organizations and leaders in developing and setting a clear vision and strategy to help them achieve their goals. As a former nonprofit CEO, he understands the challenges and complexities of organizational leadership, development, and strategy. Adam established One Twelve Strategies to help leaders and organizations push through their toughest challenges, win difficult fights, and build stronger and more durable foundations for the future.


In addition to leading best-in-class advocacy and political programs, new initiatives, and transformational operational and fundraising programs, Adam supports organizational leaders as they work through the most complex aspects of their work, ensuring they are supported and more confident in their decision-making.


Adam has served as an executive for trade associations and nonprofits for the last fifteen years, understands the complexities of organizational leadership, and can articulate the macro- and micro-level dynamics of strategy, advocacy, fundraising, and politics. Adam is motivated by the opportunity to engage and support highly-performing clients who feel stuck or limited, helping them crack through barriers and position their organizations to have a transformational impact.

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