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Theresa Searcy



Being an athlete from a young age, Theresa learned that you need others in your corner and that teamwork is key to success. She is a relationship builder, engaging authentically with others, and holds a core belief that true and meaningful connections are critical in growing a team that can do great things. Theresa believes everyone’s unique experiences and strengths can bring valuable pieces to an organization’s complex puzzle. 


As a director and leader in the nonprofit sector, she has used her collective experiences to mentor and coach others, building strong teams along the way. Theresa holds a certificate in Master Resilience Training from the US Army, she has cultivated a superhuman ability to bounce back from the inevitable challenges we all face while empowering others to see the same power in themselves. She views the experience and wisdom she’s gained through her collective experiences as something not to protect but pass on to others, lifting up as she goes.


Theresa has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mount Saint Mary’s University and nearly twenty years of experience across various industries. She has a large, blended family—including seven children—and finds joy traveling and exploring new experiences. She considers herself a “foodie.”

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